Gala of XVIII Forum Ausape 2023

Gala of XVIII Forum Ausape 2023 at Son Amar Mallorca

Imagine attending a dinner gala where you witness stunning performances, breathtaking fireworks, and traditional Spanish dances all in one night. The XVIII Forum Ausape 2023 Dinner Gala was a night of pure joy, excitement, and entertainment that left a lasting impression on everyone who attended the event.

The Forum Ausape is an association that brings together the SAP community, consisting of SAP partners, solution providers, and customers who aim to share knowledge, insights, and perspectives on the ever-evolving SAP industry. The XVIII Forum Ausape 2023 had around 1000 guests attending from various countries, making it an excellent opportunity for networking.

Gala of XVIII Forum Ausape 2023 at Son Amar Mallorca

The event here in Mallorca started on a high note, with dancers dressed up in typical Mallorcan costumes and castanets welcoming guests. The dancing continued in the courtyard with a traditional Mallorquin dance performance of “Ball de Bot,” mesmerizing the audience with perfect symmetry and coordination.

The highlight of the event was the aperitif, which was served on the Royal Terrace. Guests were treated to a breathtaking display of fireworks and a fountain show that lasted for two minutes. As the fountain show ended, devils appeared from the balcony, performing a ‘batucada’ show with fire, leading guests inside the auditorium for the dinner gala.

Gala of XVIII Forum Ausape 2023 at Son Amar Mallorca

The night was a perfect blend of entertainment and recognition, with awards being presented to deserving individuals and companies. The performances were captivating and included performances from the show Exhbit, leaving attendees spellbound.

After the dinner gala, guests enjoyed four hours of partying with an open bar, dancers, and a DJ, creating an exciting atmosphere for everyone to let their hair down.

Gala of XVIII Forum Ausape 2023 at Son Amar Mallorca

The XVIII Forum Ausape 2023 Dinner Gala was indeed a night to remember. The perfect blend of entertainment, recognition, and networking made the event a grand success. The Boulevar dancers, traditional Spanish dance performances, fireworks, fountain show, awards, and the captivating performances set the tone for the night. It was a delight to see the guests enjoying themselves. The event once again highlighted the importance of bringing the SAP community together for knowledge transfer and networking purposes.

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