Ohalá Premiere Wows A Global Audience

Ohala at Son Amar

On 03 June, it was time – House of Son Amar presented “OHALÁ” for the first time this summer, a unique family experience. The show tells the story of a journey of discovery through the Mediterranean Sea, through characters, film, acrobatics and dance.

The journey begins with a father reading a bedtime story to his daughter. As she falls asleep, her dreams become reality.

Ohala at Son Amar

During the show, the audience accompanies the hero of the story on his magical journey across the Mediterranean. He follows his princess to a working harbour, takes on a storm for her and dives into the underwater world of mermaids flying through the theatre. No danger is too great for him, no path too far. 

Ohala at Son Amar

The action-packed theatrical dream is accompanied by an exclusively composed soundtrack which, together with the colourful costumes and lighting, makes this show in Mallorca a unique experience for the whole family.

Ohala at Son Amar

With Ohala, House of Son Amar tells an emotional, captivating story and brings dreams to life – beyond imagination.

Insights and show clips on Instagram @ohalamallorca and @houseofsonamar.
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