Sony Sales and Marketing Conference In Mallorca

Son at Son Amar

On the evening of 25th April 2023, Sony Sales and Marketing Department held an extravagant dinner gala at Son Amar Mallorca with over 300 attendees. It was a night that would be remembered by all as it was filled with pomp and grandeur.

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The guests arrived at 19:00 and were welcomed to the event with an aperitive in Terraza Real accompanied by a beautiful fountain show from the Hall of Fountains. After this, they moved into the auditorium for the dinner gala conference. During this period, speakers from Sony presented their insights and spoke on various topics related to their business.

Sony conference in Mallorca

Afterwards, the guests were treated to amazing performances from the Exhibt and Ohalá shows which had them all spellbound throughout its duration. The applause at the end of this show was truly remarkable! Afterwards, Sony took their opportunity to present awards to some of their highest achievers during the year in order to appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Sony conference in Mallorca

The fun didn’t end there though! Following this was music and entertainment provided by DJ Witty who kept everyone partying until late into the night. The guests were so enthralled that they just didn’t want it to end! This truly turned out to be a highly successful corporate event in Mallorca that will not soon be forgotten. Sony Sales and Marketing Department praised House of Son Amar for this event from all corners due to how well-planned it was.

Sony conference in Mallorca

This event proved yet again why House of Son Amar is Mallorca’s leading conference and convention centre when it comes to organizing corporate events like these. They are able to create a unique experience for all those who attend by providing exquisite amenities, amazing entertainment, and quality customer service – making sure that every person attending leaves feeling satisfied no matter what!

Son Amar hall of fountains

Overall, the events team at Son Amar did an excellent job in hosting yet another impressive corporate event in Mallorca – one which will go down in history! They set a high bar for future events which have now become difficult for competitors within this industry to match or surpass!

Contact our dedicated events team to get more information about hosting your next event here at Son Amar Mallorca.

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