Interview With A Performer: Michal Kodlubanski

Interview with Michal from Son Amar

As a child, growing up in Warsaw, Michal Kodlubanski channelled his abundant energy into the sports field. At age 8, an eagle-eyed PE teacher recognised something special in him and introduced him to gymnastics. With careful encouragement and a lot of hard work and commitment, Michal excelled in acrobatic gymnastics and competed at national level with a great deal of success.

Throughout his teenage years, Michal maintained his commitment to competing and coaching youngsters in the discipline – he also went on to study Physical Education at University. As he developed, his role in the team evolved from flyer to base in different team combinations. As an adult, he said it was an obvious decision to move into performing acrobatics.

Performers at Son Amar Mallorca

Working With Son Amar Mallorca

Michal moved to Mallorca 6 years ago to be with his sweetheart and had no difficulty finding work as a performing artist. When Covid struck in 2020, the entertainment industry was hit hard, particularly in Mallorca. Believing that his performing days were behind him, but still lured by the call of the greasepaint, Michal joined the team at Son Amar as a photographer and videographer.

It was an exciting time in the show’s evolution and his experience as an aerial acrobat added a creative edge to his photography. Before long he was becoming more involved with the show’s production and when he was invited to join the team as a prominent artist he didn’t hesitate.

Michal’s passion and enthusiasm for Son Amar is evident. His act in EXHIBIT involves aerial acrobatics and water and is the culmination of his broad experience, amazing lighting, incredible music and costume. “It is, ”he declares, “the expression of an acrobatic heart.” I totally agree, it is certainly something that has to be seen!

The shows at Son Amar Mallorca change regularly; it never has time to become stale or repetitive. Exciting new music has been introduced for the 2023 Season….. A touch of “Splish Splash” with a modern twist. The DJs and musicians have worked hard to create a unique and modern sound to perfectly accompany the spectacular performance.

Michal is very proud of how the show in Mallorca has developed with its smooth connection and flow between the acts. It has that magical ingredient that keeps the audience engaged and enthralled throughout. The revamped auditorium has also increased the artists’ proximity to the audience, facilitating a closer connection. Eye contact and interaction is important and Michal says that it makes each performance different.

Michal at Son Amar

Always Have Time For Your Family

The typical day for this young family man begins at around 7.30am … breakfast and some precious family time spent with his partner Carly and their 18-month-old son. He trains most days before the show and arrives at 6pm for the warm-up and rehearsal. Dinner is taken 2 hours before the show, which then allows plenty of time for make-up and wardrobe.

After the show, the cast spend a little time in the courtyard just hanging out, or sometimes have a meet and greet with the audience. This is a crucial part of Michal’s role within Son Amar because emotional reaction and getting feedback from the audience members is both interesting and important to him.

Performers at Son Amar Mallorca

Reinventing The Variety Show In Mallorca

Son Amar is a unique experience which begins the moment you arrive at the beautiful countryside venue. The team listens carefully to guest feedback and works very hard to find new creative ways to improve the experience year on year.

These shows in Mallorca retain their freshness and their high energy performance by keeping the team morale high. They are very much a family and it is a lifestyle “taking care of the mind and preparing the body to give 100%, with a focus on safety”.

What’s Next For Michal?

As for Michal, he really is very content with his place in life – he now has somewhere to put down roots and make his mark. As for the future, Michal is looking forward to the role as Acrobatic Co-ordinator, overseeing the Son Amar family with added responsibility for recruiting new team members. All of his passions and hobbies since he was a young child have come together, helping him to grow as an acrobat, a videographer and a person.

A very happy chappy!

You can now reserve your tickets online for Exhbit and Ohalá and see Michal perform live in person.

Written by Diane Hughes. Photos by Pheonix Media Mallorca.

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