TV’s Love Island Loves Son Amar

Love Island

Did you catch the date scene in 2018?   Although we were sworn to secrecy until a day after the romantic date night had been televised, many of our Son Amar fans, who were also dedicated Love Island fans, recognised the scene.  

Set in Son Amar’s Royal Terrace, with the fountains in the background, the grand piano was white, the pianist was dressed in white, and the dining table sported pure white table linen, as is the norm at this celebrated wedding venue.  

 On this special night, even with the TV cameras all around, the contestants couldn’t help but gasp as they entered first the courtyard and then the Royal Terrace and, their path guided by tiny candles to their table, with candlelight giving a magical touch to their sparkling wine glasses and yet more glinting on silver cutlery, they were entranced by the performance of two world-class performers on the trapeze above them.

 No wonder they declared that this was the most romantic date night ever! 

 For your story to last forever, turn your dream of a fairy-tale wedding into a reality with the most romantic venue on the island and discover the wonders of Son Amar. 

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If you require any information about our shows, please don´t hesitate to contact our reservations department by calling (+34) 971 61 75 33 or sending a mail to