Discover the New Son Amar


Son Amar, like Mallorca itself, has been transforming itself over the recent years. Now, Son Amar has become one of the most re-energised, re-born, reformed, refreshing venues on the island.

More than a simple Tourist destination

Once a simple tourist destination (since 1963), Son Amar is, in fact, a historic country estate.  Built in the 16th century for the Omar family, Son Amar has become a symbol of the exciting synergy of history and modernity, creating what Mallorca excels in – a fusion of styles where each compliment the other.  


A walk through the fascinating city of Palma will reveal exactly what we mean – the ancient patios of Palma, where the natural friendliness of the townspeople offered much-needed refreshments to passing travellers and now, today, where some of those architectural wonders now house some of the most stylish shops and offices displaying the explosive talents of Spanish architects and designers.  The highlights of Palma are most certainly worth exploring.

"A fusion of styles where each
compliment the other."

Also worth a visit are the Caves of Drach (although beware queues at peak times) as with the Aquarium.  When you’ve discovered the best beaches, the most beautiful calas, those secret escapes, then you are probably ready to discover a more secret Mallorca by day and Palma’s best night-life with live entertainment on the island – in fact considered one of the very best night-spots in the whole of Europe.


Come visit the new Son Amar.  You will always be welcome and call us to find out when we have some special and fascinating island tours to discover how Son Amar is leading the way in eco-tourism too. 


Discover the new Son Amar and all the ways this creation from the past is taking care of the future of our next generations. 

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If you need more information about our shows, please don`t hesitate to contact our reservations department by calling (+34) 971 61 75 33 or sending a mail to

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If you require any information about our shows, please don´t hesitate to contact our reservations department by calling (+34) 971 61 75 33 or sending a mail to