Patio Mallorquín


The jewel in Son Amar’s crown is this breath-taking courtyard, the original main entrance to the finca.

The Gran Boulevard, surrounded by orange and lemon trees, guides your way as you pass by the fascinating herb garden, glimpse the White Garden, and smell the scent of the nearby rose garden.

As you walk through the large oak doors – big enough for a horse and carriage to pass through – you’re welcomed into a stunning cobbled area furnished with lush plants, restored carriages and charming water well.

Still boasting the original staircase, the beautifully lit courtyard is framed by arches and balconies. Many rooms lead off from here including the original chapel used by the Amar family.

Our Mallorquin Patio is 300m2 and has been the venue for some wonderful weddings, cocktail parties and intimate concerts.