Antonio Najarro was awarded Matricula de Honor in Spanish Dance at Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Madrid. At the age of 15 he started his professional career in companies including Rafael Aguilar’s Spanish Ballet Theatre, Ballet Antologia and the Spanish Ballets, Antonio Márquez Company and Aída Gomez Company. He was lead dancer for choreogrpahers such as Rafael Aguilar, Mariemma, Alberto Lorca, José Granero and Antonio Gades. In 1997 he joined the Spanish National Ballet, where he was First Dancer from 2000 to 2002.

Antonio has created works including Suspiros del Moro (1995), Nereidas (2001), Contigo en Soledad (2001), Tango Flamenco (2001) and, between 2002 to 2005, Movimentos Reversos, Alma Portêna, Donaire and Alma Flamenca.

In 2002, he created Antonio Najarro Company, which has achieved acclaimed success around the world with Flamenco Oriental (2006), Jazzing Flamenco (2008) and Suite Sevilla (2010).

In April 2011, the Spanish Ministry of Culture appointed him director of the Spanish National Ballet, for which he has recently premiered Sorolla, a tribute to the Valencian painter and Alento, with music by Fernando Egozcune.

Choreographer of some of the world’s best ice skating, in 2015 he created the Malaguena program for the world champion, Javier Fernández.


Carlos Vilán originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, started studying Spanish Dance with Fontanes, Patinño, Vera, Nouché and earned a diploma with Angel Pericet, master of masters of the Spanish dance. Vilán danced with Antonio Gades Co for the movie “El Amor Brujo” by Carlos Saura in 1986.

In 1988 he was nominated lead dancer from Maria Rosa Co under the direction from Antonio, and has also been lead dancer for Merche Esmeralda, Rafael Aguilar and Carmen Cortés Co.


Liubov Khelben is a classically trained dancer and choreographer from Spain. She joined Son Amar as a dancer and choreographer bringing jazz, lyrical, funk, hip-hop, modern and folk dance styles to the stage. She is a principal dancer and choreographer for Son Amar and has trained and performed in Russia, China, Egypt, Turkey, and Spain.

Show Director


Ricard first appeared at Son Amar in 1997 as a part of the brass section of the orchestra. He never forgot that feeling of his first time at Son Amar and the first time he had seen the show. He’s now completely dedicated to creating that same feeling every night with the audience, so they too never, ever, forget this marvellous experience – this incredible show.

In 2007 he began his career as Musical Director of the show, quickly progressing in 2010 as Show Director. Since then Son Amar has gone from strength to strength. Now he works side by side with the best choreographers and artists to develop a show that, without losing the it’s unique identity, is adapting season by season, and day by day to stay fresh, and modern, and always amazing, surprising and delighting audiences.

In love with the music, one of Ricard’s most challenging objectives was having the orchestra playing all of the music live. Since 2013 this dream has become a reality and Son Amar now is one of the few shows in Europe who go to these lengths to enrich the show experience.

Together with the Whittaker family, Ricard works constantly and consistently to make, even from the most simple detail, something unforgettable and unique.