External ethical code

External ethical code


In little more than half a century, Son Amar has gone from being a humble barbecue barbecue dinner to an amazing theater with capacity for 3,000 people with one of the most impressive light and sound systems that can be found today.

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External company code Son Amar

All parties collaborate to offer the best

The activity of SON AMAR is developed from the interaction with the main interest groups.

Firmenorganigramm von Son Amar

Son Amar is committed to:

The principles that integrate the activity of SON AMAR are:

Family - Teamwork

Son Amar is a company managed by the Miles Whittaker family from management (management team). Being the management that is very careful and close in all the details.

Management: Efficiency - Efficiency

Through the organizational structure and the analysis of results in conjunction with all key departments. Involving all staff to be the best.

Surprise the customer

Son Amar wants to be characterized as a quality and surprising leisure and restaurant offer, where satisfaction rates show our work. Always seeking to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Through the most spectacular shows. Looking for the uniqueness of the leisure offer within Mallorca.

Transparency and legal compliance

For Son Amar, transparent management is essential that begins through compliance with all applicable legal requirements. Therefore, it has a team of professionals who advise and keep informed.

SON AMAR integrates respect for the interests of interested parties into its strategy and activity. In addition, these entities add to the social responsibility commitments.

Surprise the customer. The customer always comes first.
SON AMAR believes that the client has to leave surprised and we must achieve the highest degree of satisfaction.
The structure, management and operation of SON AMAR is aimed at obtaining maximum customer satisfaction. Due to this principle, there are in SON AMAR mechanisms to measure customer satisfaction in an objective way and perform good customer service before and during the service.
SON AMAR aims to be a leisure and entertainment offer – catering for Mallorcan customers and for tourists where products and shows are combined for both types of clientele.
Year after year SON AMAR designs an offer of shows; capturing new talents; changing or creating new shows and modifying the numbers that form the shows.
Through the application of the regulations described in the “Book of success” and the guidelines set by the organization through the department headquarters, always oriented to provide excellent service to our customers in each session or show.

Legality and transparency

SON AMAR is committed to compliance with legal requirements and other subscribed commitments. For this, it has a system to know and control the applicable legislation. Likewise, it complies with international regulations and commitments regarding human rights (including forced labor and child labor).

Local commitment

SON AMAR, develops its commitment to the local society and economy through the following strategies:
Through the involvement in the development of the local economy, seeking the introduction of Mallorcan producers within the gastronomic offer.
SON AMAR collaborates with humanitarian institutions, such as the Red Cross, Caritas and Deixalles. Looking for active collaboration projects as internship agreements, which have facilitated future incorporations.


A spirit of teamwork is adopted, collaborating with our partners for the good development of the service. For this, the rules set out in the “Son Amar Success Book” must be respected.
Both the actions of the management system and the annual events that contribute to strengthen the team and generate a good working environment.
SON AMAR, annually rewards among its team the people and departments that have contributed to the creation of a better work environment. All this, as a playful initiative focused on visualizing the importance of this value among staff.
From the direction of Son Amar, leadership is encouraged among the department headquarters and its involvement in the management and improvements of the organization is energized.
SON AMAR measures the work environment every two years as well as other material aspects related to communication, leadership, … and sets strategies for improvement.

Confidentiality and protection of information

SON AMAR, has implemented the Data Protection Regulation extending the requirements and documentation to all parties involved.
The entire team has established a commitment to formalized confidentiality.
There is a commitment to confidentiality in all aspects related to work in which it is necessary to keep professional secrecy, both internally and externally.
The prohibition on the dissemination of unauthorized information is included.


For SON AMAR, security is essential to develop your activity. Security is embodied through:

Legal compliance and facilities control.
Control of the security and fire fighting elements and installations of the facilities and equipment.
Control of information security; e-commerce; of access to the facilities.
The control of food security.
Of the development of drills or exercises of preparation before possible cases of emergency of bimonthly form.

Regulation and validity of the code

This Code of Ethics will be communicated to all staff and people working on its behalf through the usual channels.

Once communicated, no person / entity may justify conduct contrary to that regulated in this Code referring to their lack of knowledge.

The complainant must identify himself, providing all the necessary data, as well as the data on the complainant. Anonymous claims will not be processed.

Any complaint will be communicated through the following means: info@sonamar.com

To ensure confidentiality in matters associated with this code, the person receiving the complaint as well as the people involved in its management / resolution have formalized a commitment to confidentiality.

Failure to comply with the principles and norms presented in the Code of Ethics, as well as regulations that are displayed, may involve disciplinary measures, depending on each case; being able to derive to the application of the pertinent sanctioning procedure according to the labor legislation or to derive in restrictions or changes in the contracts or commercial agreements.

This Code is not subject to any periodicity of revision.

Property and Management Team


Ben Miles


We inform you that due to Government regulations, Son Amar will be temporarily closed from Monday, March 16 until further notice.

Our offices will be open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 hrs – 17:30 hrs to answer all your questions and queries.

Thank you!