Corporate Policy

Son Amar is a growing company, respectful of the environment and that cares about listening and maintaining a respectful relationship with the stakeholders with which it relates.

Our Mission

Get maximum satisfaction from customers who enjoy gastronomic offer, shows and events.

Our Vision

To be a sustainable environmental and in time company, of success and reference in the tourist attraction of the island of Mallorca as an offer for tourists as well as for Majorcans and residents of the island.

Family Values

The Miles-Whittaker family manages Son Amar with the values that characterize it: firmness, fairness and perseverance.
The mission, vision and values of our organization is developed by integrating the following principles into management, leadership and team:
Respect for universal rights and principles, as well as general socially responsible management. We undertake to comply with the applicable legal requirements (including accountability); integrating transparency in management and with other requirements that the organization subscribes. Respect for Human Rights; international regulations; the commitment to the protection of the environment; Pollution prevention and the contribution to the reduction of climate change are mandatory legal requirements for Son Amar.
The customer always comes first. Working the whole team to exceed the expectations of our customers.
Provision to the organization of the resources necessary to implement, maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Management System.
The principles that will govern the relationship with our Son Amar work team are the principle of equality and non-discrimination; of integration into the company; of confidentiality; of integrity; participation; safety and health of people and users; and the principle of quality employment. We work to boost the participation and involvement of all the organization’s personnel in the compliance and development of the Management System.
Social and environmental commitment that translates into social actions, internal strategies and collaborations with institutions actively.
Continue working and expanding alliances with our current and future collaborators in line with our values from a perspective of respect and satisfaction.
This commitment for ethical behavior and for the respect and satisfaction of all stakeholders as well as for continuous improvement in all areas and processes of our organization are our fundamental pillars for socially responsible management and is deployed through the Code of Ethics and the management system.

Familia Miles Whittaker | Owners of Son Amar

November 12, 2018