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Walk with us towards a better future

Solution for Pollution

“Never doubt that a small group of attentive and committed people can change the world. 

In fact, whenever it has been achieved, it has been this way.”

Son Amar has its own green foundation called Fundación Son Amar.
The objectives of this foundation are to support the environment and to help Mallorca and beyond to be more responsible.


So we invite you to walk with us towards a better future.

At Son Amar, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and aim to set our standards so high that they set the bar very high everywhere and especially within our industry.

We have implemented certain rules for all our employees in an effort to educate us all and to spread better understanding throughout our communities.  This is another way for us to excel as an industry leader.

We are already publicly recognized for our respect for the environment and we continue to find ways to do more.

Our programs for sustainability

Water Conservation

Energy Reduction

Carbon Footprint


Zero Waste

Water Conservation

What we`ve done to reduce water consumption – and what you can do also:

  • Do a pressure test and check for leaks in your pipes
  • Use water saving shower heads, taps and toilets
  • Put stickers on mirrors and toilets asking people to take care of water usage
  • At Son Amar, we do not use water for terrace cleaning anymore
  • We changed all grass areas to to rock and artificial lawn
  • We recycle our grey water to flush toilets
  • We recycle our black water to irrigate
  • We covered our gardens with mulches to keep them from drying out to quickly
  • By adding more compost we have reduced the amount of garden water needed
  • We are slow on turning on water at the beginning of the summer season and quick turning it off when temperatures go down
  • We harvest all our rain
  • We use rain which falls on the roof for washing
  • We use rain that hits the floor to wash and irrigate

Energy Reduction

What we`ve done to reduce electricity consumption – and what you can do also:

  • Reduce plugged-in items
  • Use LED
  • Reduce printers
  • Add movemenent sensors and timers
  • Power off fridges up to 4 hours
  • Add windows and solar lights
  • Add insulation to floors, walls and ceilings
  • Add geothermal and solar chimneys
  • Add solar panels

Son Amar runs the first fully-operational, wind-driven windmill, generating electricity in Mallorca.  We have also changed our electricity supplier and buy only ‘green’ energy.

Carbon Footprint

What we`ve done at Son Amar to reduce our carbon foorprint and what you can do:

  • Buy products locally to reduce transport
  • We introduced a S.L.O.W. system
  • We support electric cars and offer free charging
  • To reduce cars on the road, we are very cycling friendly, support electric bikes and offer a safe and secure bike parking
  • We suggest and support car sharing programs

Son Amar runs the first fully-operational, wind-driven windmill, generating electricity in Mallorca.  We have also changed our electricity supplier and buy only ‘green’ energy.

  • In Son Amar, we have our own beehives to reproduce and save a treatened species which is most important to humans
  • We do not use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers
  • We have built bat houses and bird houses
  • We feed wildlife with leftover bread from our restaurant
  • Our gardens have diverse habitats and we use different garden mulching materials
  • We have wild gardens and water features to allow biodiversity to flourish


      • The average person produces 10m³ of carbon a year by travelling and daily life.
      • At Son Amar, we average around 4m³ of carbon a week per person.
      • Biochar physically allows us to offset our own carbon footprint for real.


      This is how it works:

      • We turn waste wood into useable carbon
      • Our *retort kiln is the most efficient environment-friendly way to deal with wood or hard organic waste
      • It uses **pyrolysis to separate hydrogen, nitrogen, methane and water trapped in the wood.
      • We recirculate emission gases to the retort kiln as fuel to continue burning out the gases
      • **Pyrolysis leaves the waste wood product in perfect carbon form inside the kiln
      • We shred the carbon material to fine gravel to absorb more bacteria and water
      • We add shredded carbon to our organic strong fertilizer, to soak up the fertilizer which takes two days
      • We mix shredded carbon with our organic compost and make an extremely strong soil that is very fertile and very water absorbent
      • Biochar helps the success of our reforestation program

      *Retort kiln: the retort is surrounded by a kiln made of cement blocks, to hold in the heat. The gas vents through the tube under the retort and ignites. Once the gas is burning, you can stop feeding wood to the fire as the reaction is now self-sustaining. This process of baking biomass without air is called **pyrolysis.

      Biochar Uses

      • Biochar in refrigeration
      • Biochar as a room freshener absorbs smells and bacteria
      • Biochar as a water filter
      • Biochar as a smoke filter in chimneys
      • Biochar as a food additive for animal farming to reduce methane gas produced by livestock
      • Biochar as food additive for humans too.

      Son Amar is also experimenting with biochar concrete.

      • It is lighter, stronger and more water resistant.
      • If cracks appear, Biochar will create its own calcium and seal itself.

Zero Waste

At Son Amar, we recycle 99% of our waste.

The four R' s of zero waste


Trying to find any way you can to physically reduce the amount of waste going in your bin is a great first step. We asked many of our suppliers if they can take their packaging back.
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Reuse or ‘upcycling’ is finding another use for a waste product so the classification changes from being recycled to being ‘upcycled’.
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Recycling is all about reducing waste to landfill or incineration and actually reusing the materials so we don't need to constantly demand new manufactured items using 100% raw materials that are being mined from our lands. Therefore reducing pollution which is critically important to your health and naturally, to the health of the nation and the planet.
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Most of our products are made with raw materials. If we as consumers can increase the demand on recycled materials in our products, then the recycling industry will flourish.
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    • Buy cleaning products in larger containers.
    • Use bottles that can be filled.
    • Provide the staff with bottles of water that are filled.
    • Give the staff refreshing drinks in a glass and stop using the disposable cans of the vending machines.
    • Use only rechargeable batteries.
    • Stop all unnecessary printing (13 printers have been removed from our offices).
    • Provide tablets to replace the printed material.
    • Use only paper cups and wooden sticks instead of plastic cups and spoons.
    • In our company we use only pens and biodegradable bags.
    • We use biodegradable materials for our coffee as well as our main point of purchase.
    • The napkins for our bars and staff are now recycled paper.


  • The cardboard packaging is crushed as a sediment layer in our gardens. We also take advantage of the clothes in our stables with the horses.
  • Corks (from thousands of wine bottles) are used as a sediment layer for the garden.


    • All glass is stored and recycled in the local glass factory. In turn, they are active donors of the Son Amar Environmental Foundation.
    • All our metal waste is recycled in the local scrap yard, and every last penny is donated to the Son Amar Foundation.
    • The batteries that must finally be discarded are placed in our battery tank and then recycled through a specialized association.
    • Give the staff refreshing drinks in a glass and stop using the disposable cans of the vending machines.
    • We recycle almost everything, from glass and plastic to paper, metal and organic waste.
    • Stop all unnecessary printing (13 printers have been removed in our offices).
    • The recycling of organic waste is carried out on a large scale in Son Amar.
    • The uncooked vegetable remains are used to feed the chickens.
    • The leftover bread dries naturally and is milled to feed chickens and birds.
    • BIG BEN and the Worm Farms: all the coffee and other organic waste get into the BIG BEN, a specially designed giant grinder, and it becomes the best compost imaginable. This compost feeds our worm farm.
    • The compost that feeds the worm farm rests for 12 months before we add the compost to our gardens and return to our ecosystem.
    • The remaining cooking oil is delivered to a local company to produce local products with it.
    • All garden waste and waste from the barn are converted into fertilizer.
    • Any large pieces of wood are burned and we reuse the ashes as compost.
    • Our packets of sugar, sweetener and butter are now paper instead of single-use plastic.


  • Increase the demand on recycled materials in our products.​

Instant ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Your carbon footprint measures the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted as a result of your daily activities – and what we`ve done at Son Amar:

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