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The History of Son Amar

In little more than half a century, Son Amar has gone from being a humble roast suckling barbecue dinner to an amazing theater with capacity for 2,000 people with one of the most imposing systems of light and sound that can be found today.

Son Amar is constantly improving and evolving. In recent years, with the Whittaker family as owners, the changes have been spectacular, getting each season more colorful, more visual effects, with the latest in light and sound to give Son Amar a reputation that equates Son Amar with the best shows of the world. Las Vegas in Mallorca!

"The place is beautiful! It's the most beautiful show we've ever seen!
Thank you very much to the entire Son Amar team for this amazing night."

The Owners of Son Amar

The Owners

A Great Team


A Unique Location

Earth Conservation

A Vision

At the end of each season you hear people say: 
“The show has been amazing, how is it going to be possible that the show next year is better?”

- You will have to wait and see....

Much more than just a world class show...

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M Gin

At Son Amar, we produce our own Gin with orange flavour.

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