Enough cables to wrap around Mallorca...twice!

House of Son Amar is home to some of the most advanced technology in Mallorca. You won’t find a venue like this anywhere else.

Our sound system offers crystal-clear audio and our light show is a real spectacle – featuring sophisticated lasers and LED screens to create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for a venue for a party, business conference or music event, Son Amar will provide you with the perfect setting. With our state-of-the-art equipment, you’ll be able to transform your vision into reality. And with no expense spared on technological advancements, you can be sure that your event will stand out from the crowd and exceed all expectations!

Best of all, we have all the necessary equipment for your event, so you don’t need to worry about renting additional equipment. Our team is here to help make your event a success!




1 unit Venetian blind (9,6m x 5m).

1 Black Curtain (9,6m x 5m).

1 Prosaceous Mouth Curtain (15m x 5m).


PA System

12 L’Acoustics KARA2 – Main System (6 boxes per side).

4 L’Acoustics SB18 “Ceiling” – Line of subs.

2 L’Acoustics 12xti – Front-fill.

6 L’Acoustics Arcs Focus – Out-fills (3 boxes per side).

2 L’Acoustics SB28 “Floor” units – Subs placed on the sides of the stage.

2 L’Acoustics 12xti – Delays.

2 L’Acoustics X12 – Delays.

5 L’Acoustics X12 – Surrounding Sound.

3 L’Acoustics LA8 – Amplifiers.

4 L’Acoustics LA4x – Amplifiers.

1 L’Acoustics NETWORK MANAGER – System Processor (located backstage).

For connection of an alternative or additional sound system, there is a three-phase 80A connection on the actor’s right shoulder with a 63A cetac connector, independent from the rest of the theater’s electrical circuits.

Control System

1 Digico S31 Digital Mixer (AES/EBU to PA connection).

2 L’Acoustics 108P (Cabin Monitors).

1 Digico D-Rack with 32in/8out (Located in Control Cabinet).

4 Digico A168 Stage with 16in/8out.

1 Digico Little Blue Box.

2 Interface de Audio Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre.

1 Interface de Audio Universal Audio Apollo X8.

1 Interface Midi Motu Midi Express XT.

1 8 channel Auto-switcher Radial SW8.

1 USB Go Box (Control Qlab).

1 Apple Mac Studio unit (Main Computer).

1 Apple Mac mini M1 (Backup Computer).

Monitor System

2 Meyer Sound UPQ-1P 2.550w Wide coverage Loudspeaker units (placed on stage).

2 Mackie SRM650 800w (Placed on stage).

6 Sennheiser EW IEM G4 (without earphones).

1 Combinador de antena Sennheiser AC41.


4 AKG DHT800 units (2 with Shure Beta 58A capsule, 2 with AKG D7 WL 1 capsule).

4 units Stereo Transmitter AKG DPT 800.

4 pcs AKG DSR800 fixed digital receiver.

1 AKG APS4 unit.

32 AKG C411 PP units (located under the stage).

2 units DPA 4066 Omnidirectional headset microphone.


1 unit Altair EF-200 intercom base station.

1 unit 2-channel base station Altair WBS-202.

1 unit Wireless single channel base station Altair WBS-200.

1 unit Wireless single channel base station Altair WBS-200HD.

3 units Altair WBP-210 Single-channel pocket Altair WBP-210.

4 units Altair WBP-210HD Single-channel pocket Altair WBP-210HD.

3 units Altair EM-201 single-channel pocket Altair EM-201.

1 unit Altair WBP-212 dual-channel pocket unit.

4 units Altair WBP-200 single-channel wireless pocket unit.

1 unit Altair WBPC-200 Pette Charger.

1 unit Altair WBPC-210 Pette Charger.

2 units Beyerdynamic DT108 headphones.

1 unit Shure BRH31M Earphones.

1 unit Telex Ph1 Handset 64438.

7 units Altair AM-100/2 headset.

2 units Altair AM-100/2SEC Headphones.



1 unit Ma Lighting GrandMA3 Compact XT lighting desk.

1 unit Ma Illumination NPU M.

3 units Dimmers Light Technology LT206DB (6 channels).


7 units Martin Mac 2000 Profile I/II 1.200w.

17 pcs Robin DL7S Profile 800w 7 color LED motor.

13 units DTS Katana 12 x 20w RGBW LEDs.

20 units Wash Led Showtec Expression 33000 Zoom Wash Led 108 x 3w.

10 units Showtec Sunstrip Active MKII 10 x 10w.

18 units Claypaky Axcor Beam 300 110w.

2 Robin BMFL Followspot 1700w units controlled by Robospot Basestation.

8 units Sharpy Led Beam 150w LED.

6 units Robin Esprite 650w LED.

8 units Ayrton Diablo 300w LED.

Smoke & Fog Machines

2 units MDG ATMe.

1 unit ROBE Haze 500 FT Pro.

2 units ADJ Fog Fury Jett.

1 unit Eurolite NSF-350 LEd Hybrid Spray Fogger.

1 unit Martin JEM ZR44 Hi-Mass.


1 unit RGB Laser Tarm Beamtable Old School XXL 7.5kW.

2 units Delta Series RGB Laser 6kW.

1 unit Cittadini Green Laser 2kW.

1 unit Pangolin Beyond advanced laser control system.

10 units Pangolin FB4 Flashback Box.

1 unit Pangolin TC4000 SMTPE.


Video Supports

1 unit Computer PC.

Video Control

6 units Novastar VX4S video processor.

1 Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K video mixer unit.

1 Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD unit.

1 unit Blackmagic Web Presenter.


2 units Led Screen (14,18m x 4,1m) – Pitch 3.9mm (Resolution 3520×992) located on both sides of the stage.

1 unit ABSEN Led Screen (10m x 4m) – Pitch 3.9 – 7.8 (Resolution 2560×1024) located in the central stage area.

1 unit Gerriets Megascreen Tour Grey rear projection cyclorama (12m x 7m) with G-Frame 54 control panel.

Control Software

Figure53 Qlab 4.

Resolume Arena 7.

Pangolin Beyond 5.

Madrix 5.